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Alright, I know it has been entirely too long since my last entry, and being that this blog is only a few weeks old...that is Busch league. I apologize.

So, about the wine. While the California buzz is beginning to wear off I still feel it necessary to at least briefly speak of the wine we tasted and enjoyed. It would take me a week to simply name all the wine we tasted, that is assuming I can remember them all, so I will just mention a few of the front runners.

2003 Opus One:$165.00
While this particular wine is fantastically delicious, I would definitely have a hard time spending 165 dollars a bottle. I am not gong to sit here and tell you that I don't see what's so special about it, because I do. It is damn good. The wine has a velvety softness that is balanced perfectly with an ample, not overbearing, amount of tannins in the finish. Even though the wine served in the Opus One Partner's room (fancy name for tasting room) was a bit young, the winemaker suggests letting the wine rest for five to seven years, it tasted extremely well balanced had a barrage of flavors attacking the tongue. I would recommend that if you ever have the opportunity to taste this wine, take it. However, I cannot endorse the price tag.

2000 Seven Lions Winery Zinfandel: $31.00
This wine definitely gets the Noshery's vote for best taste of the visit. I have a special place in my heart for a good Zin. I love the big, bold, wrap your tongue up flavors that a great California Zin gives you. Notes of cherry, tobacco, and leather smoothly move through your mouth and then the tannins hit, big and bold, perfectly balanced with the fruit. I loved this wine. Unfortunately, the winemaker has recently passed away and apparently the winemaker and the family whom ownes the winery were very close. So close that they decided to, instead of seeking out a new winemaker to continue the operation, close up shop. This fantastic boutique winery is done producing this old world style wine. I read a review that put it this way. If you are lucky enough to find this bottle, buy three. One to drink now and two to save.

2000 Camelia Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon: $35.00
This is the last wine I am going to write about tonight. I decided to include this wine because it was the best cab sav I had while in wine country. Every single place we visited was pouring a cab sav and every single place said it was the specialty of the winery. Only one stood up to what I would expect a 'specialty of the winery' wine to taste like. This wine was everything you want in a cabernet sauvignon. It was a beautiful dark purple, with deep flavors of black cherry and plumb with very present but soft tannins, a lingering finish that leaves you desperate for another taste. I tasted this wine with a semi-sweet 70% cocoa chocolate and I must say, it was awesome. I definitely recommend this wine if you can find it. I am under the impression that this wine is not sold in liquor or wine stores, but is available online. Having said that, go online and buy two bottle when you get a chance.

A wine lover once told me that when you find a wine you like, buy two bottles. One for tonight and one for the library.

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