Dave Matthews Band

Everybody has that one band which resides in a special place in their heart. That band for me is the Dave Matthews band. I have been a Dave fan for a very long time. I saw them live for the first time when I was a sophomore in high school (1998) and fell in love with their lyrics, their sound, their energy, everything. No matter how my taste changes or grows, this band always seems to quench something I didn't even know I was thirsty for. Anyway all that said,  their new album, 'Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King' comes out June 2 but can be heard now in its entirety on pandora...click here, if you are interested.

...happy listening. 


The Hux

Our boy huxley likes to pout when he feels he is not receiving enough attention. He lays down and puts his chin between his front paws, he will not move until you concede to play with him or until something more fun comes along...like a bunny. Tonight we were inside and he was pouting big time, so I took the opportunity to shoot this, since there were no bunnies running around in our house he stayed perfectly still for the shot. Then we played.



I have to give a big thanks again to my little sister for picking me up some more tasty joe. Intelligentsia is a really fantastic coffee roaster based out of Chicago with locations all over the windy city and a few in Cali and I believe one in NYC. That said, the closest location is in Chicago. Well, my sister happens to have a couple friends in Chi-town and goes to visit quite often, most times without me knowing. The other day I got a call from her asking if I needed a re-fill, the next day I get home from work and on my counter is this beautiful little bag awaiting my indulgence. Thanks Ren.

here are some links to intelligentsia: click for the...blog....website.


landscape update

In a previous post of our garden I asked that you ignore the mud because we were in the middle of a major landscaping renovation of our back yard. Over the past weekend we took some huge steps towards the completion of that project. There are a few things left for us to finish up but for the most part we are pretty satisfied with our progress this spring. Since its completion, I have not wanted to come inside. In fact, I don't know why I am still sitting here typing this...I am going outside.


camera fun

It has been a very long time since I have just enjoyed my camera. It is easy to get caught up in trying to take 'good' photographs and forget how to just have fun with it. So, last night I decided to step outside and take some long exposure shots of me...and a flashlight. I was just goofing around, trying to write stuff in the air. Anyway, it was fun and I am sure if my neighbors peaked out their windows it was real entertaining to watch. 


raised bed garden

Our Sunday afternoon was spent with our hands in the dirt. This is our first attempt at a vegetable garden. We have some heirloom tomatoes, peppers, carrots, squash, lettuce, and herbs that hopefully will keep us from spending half our income in the produce section of hen house. I think we will be able to handle the standard care of the garden, its the bunnies and of course the hux man that make me nervous. Anyway, wish us luck. I will take progress photos through out this process that, if all goes well, will end with a dinner plate.


Please ignore the mud and weeds around the raised bed. The landscaping project is in full swing right now, although the end is in sight. I will post photos of the finished back yard in the following weeks. 

(herbs: cilantro, basil, & french thyme)

(future carrots)