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Time for some interaction from the readers. I have yet to receive a comment on my new blog; so, either no one is reading the blog or I just have not been interesting enough to elicit any kind of response from the reading body. In an effort to get some people involved, I want to hear what everyone's top 5 favorite things in the kitchen are. First, I will share my top 5 favorite things in my kitchen.

Everyone has a favorite knife. One that no matter what needs chopping, dicing, or mincing always ends up in your hand. This J.A. Henckel knife is awesome. I love the way it feels in my hand whether I am chopping some basil or carving up a chicken breast.

2_the mixer.

Alright alright I will admit that one of the reasons this is in my top 5 of the kitchen is because it is cool as hell looking. I love the way this looks on my counter. I have only used it a couple time in the year that we have owned this fabulous piece of machinery. But, it does look pretty damn cool and don't act like that pink isn't the bomb.

3_the coffee cups
I love these cups. My wify got me these for Christmas last year. they are a bit big for an espresso and a bit small for a black coffee. But, they are perfect for a macchiato (my favorite espresso based drink). I have been trying for the past year to master a macchiato, I have been struggling a bit with the espresso extraction, but that is a different post for a different time.

4_the Emeril pans

This is a beautiful pan set. Whether or not you are an aspiring chef on a budget or a seasoned vet, you can't go wrong with this set of hardware. And, they look pretty on your stove top.

5_the wine opener

All the way from Chianti.


tessa said...

i feel like the kitchenaid is a sign of domestication, marriage, and/or some weird expectation on a wedding gift registry. i like how they look too, but i can't say i exactly want one. :)

here are my top 5:
1) food processor
2) 6" chef's knife
3) tea kettle
4) nesting bowls
5) silicone spatula

atticus said...

HA! I have to agree with tessa - the Kitchen Aid is Klunky. but the Emeril Pans look pretty amazing! O_o (I think we registered for them too)

bkroll said...

ok. klunky I will give you...but I really love the color. The Emeril pans are a good choice, you won't be dissapointed.

tabicakes said...

I'm normally just a lurker on blogs, but your plea for comments got to me, plus I like little surveys like this. Afterall, I do love comments on my blog as well. My top five in no order particular order:

1. Wusthof Classic Chef's Knife
2. KitchenAid Mixer - in Tangerine
3. Microplane graters
4. Cuisinart Mini-prep/Food processor
5. Non-stick skillet

tabicakes said...

I see why I don't normally comment...typos gallore.

bkroll said...

oh man...I really want a food processor, I am jealous of your number 4. thanks for the comment(s)

Reverb said...

1) Empty wine bottles
2) Owl salt and pepper shakers
3) Bodum 17oz. coffee press
4) 8" Calphalon omelette pan
5) Field and Stream coffee mugs