Grilled Rib Eye Steak

I love a grilled steak. This summer, I have especially fallen in love with grilling the rib eye. Besides the fact that it seems to go on special more often than any other cut, it just sings with flavor and melts in my mouth every time. On this particular evening I served the steak with simple potatoes that were halved and boiled in heavily salted water and then simply fried cut side down in a frying pan with butter and olive oil. Lastly we had sliced heirloom tomatoes with orange zest, sea salt, and sherry vinegar. I loved the tomatoes like this although I think Abs prefer the heirlooms caprese style. Anyway, I got the idea from Rocco Dispirito's book, Flavor, I recommend trying them if you are in the mood for a very light and fresh summer salad.

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