Dolce Baking Company

If you had not heard, there is a new bakery in the village shops of Prairie Village. Laying rest between Village Flowers and Starbucks is a quaint, friendly little bakery that is so charming, one can't help but fall in love with it. It has a sophisticated, classic charm with a modern feel. I have had the opportunity to stop in a few times over the past weeks and try a couple of different house pastries and have been very happy with the flavors and textures. There are a couple of particular pastries that deem themselves worthy of mention here. One being an apple pastry of sorts, forgive me for not knowing its proper name. It is fantastic, somewhat like an miniature apple pie...only better. The pastry itself was moist yet fresh and the fruit, fantastic. Secondly, I have to mention the orange roll. Think of a cinnamon roll and then replace cinnamon with the juice and zest of an orange. I had never had an orange roll before and tasted it just out of curiosity. I enjoyed it so much that upon thinking of writing this blog, I had to stop in this morning and pick one up on the way to work. I was told it is an old family recipe of the head pastry Chef's. I have to say it is one worth saving. If you find yourself in this part of town, you would be doing yourself a disservice not to stop in and taste one the many goodies this pastry gem has to offer. Not to mention we should always support our local establishments, especially when they make it as easy as the Dolce Baking Company has.

My only criticism, the shop needs to branch away from the self serve drip coffee (don't get me wrong, its a high quality, organic fair trade drip) and invest in the proper espresso setup along with an experienced barista. If one could come in and order a pastry and a decent macchiato...they would have a one-two punch that many people, myself included would not be able to turn away from.

This brings me to my next post...the macchiato-yet another reason to dislike starbucks.


Alicia said...

looks interesting. i might have to check it out sometime!

teri said...

say, I was wondering if you would come visit me at my shop. let me know, I will be ready for you and would love to meet you.
ps I can do a machiato, trust me. T

teri said...

ps the dolce head baker (owner of said store) is my daughter, and I have a coffee shop in Lenexa. :)

teri said...