It's 2008 all ready!!...holy smokes where did the time go?
Alright, so after a bit of a hiatus from the blog world, the Noshery is back and has much to talk about. Here is a little of what you have to look forward in the first few posts of the 2008.

1. I will chime in on ever popular debate. Who has the best bbq in Kansas City??
2. The Macchiato...yet another reason to dislike Starbucks.
3. A new photo project for the Noshery. I am going to photograph my five favorite coffee shops in the city. A little cliche and perhaps kitsch, I know... but damn it I love coffee shops.
4. Lastly, Prairie Village has a new little bakery. I spent a recent morning sampling the pastries and various other goodies and have some things to say about the village's newest little space.

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