I love this shirt company, and their logo is pretty cool too.


Scott said...

I do too, but sadly Tailorbyrd no longer exists:

TailorByrd Founders to Launch New Brand Called Thomas Dean

However, this new "Thomas Dean" brand makes shirts identical in every way. I saw some at Nordstrom today and thought they were Tailorbyrd. I'll miss the logo, though.

Jennifer said...

We DO exist! Unfortunately some incorrect press has gone out in the past. Look for us in stores this fall and pass the word that the ORIGINAL 'Byrd is alive and well Chris Crowley, the original founder is still at the helm. Follow us on Twitter @Tailorbyrd, check out today's press release and please check in at our website -www.tailorbyrd.com. Best regards, Larry Stemerman, President

the noshery said...

I checked the website and all does in fact seems well over at Tailorbyrd. Thanks for the info you guys! Now that the website is functioning a little better I went ahead and posted a link. Everyone should check these shirts out...they really are some of my favorite shirts made.

Anonymous said...

Yes they are still in business. I love their shirts!