raised bed garden

Our Sunday afternoon was spent with our hands in the dirt. This is our first attempt at a vegetable garden. We have some heirloom tomatoes, peppers, carrots, squash, lettuce, and herbs that hopefully will keep us from spending half our income in the produce section of hen house. I think we will be able to handle the standard care of the garden, its the bunnies and of course the hux man that make me nervous. Anyway, wish us luck. I will take progress photos through out this process that, if all goes well, will end with a dinner plate.


Please ignore the mud and weeds around the raised bed. The landscaping project is in full swing right now, although the end is in sight. I will post photos of the finished back yard in the following weeks. 

(herbs: cilantro, basil, & french thyme)

(future carrots)

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