Top Chef??

WTF, sorry for the harsh letters...but seriously WTF!! 

Ok, I catch a lot of flack from some of my friends for being such a fan of Top Chef but I can't help it, I love it. However, I have to say that I am feeling a bit cheated here. I am feeling like perhaps the show is attempting to gain ratings and keep drama on screen as apposed to letting the best chefs shine. Last night Leah was allowed to stay on the show and Jamie had to 'pack her knives'...what a crock. Leah gave up on the quick fire challenge. Not to mention, was anyone else blown away when she beat out Fabio with those mangled-ass sardines. Fabio's were flawless and hers looked like she let a left handed chimp do the knife work (no offense to left handed chimps). 
Jamie was asked to leave because her celery was over salted and allowed to over reduce. I still am having a hard time to find the words to vent my frustration. I would have been irate if I was Jamie. The judges even said while they were tasting Jamie's dish that the fish was prepared perfectly...over salted celery....they are kicking her off for over salted celery...Please. Leah should have hit the road long ago. I guess we will see if these judges can redeem themselves next week. 

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tessa said...

i agree with you completely. my only reasoning is that they maybe kept leah on the show to see if any drama happens between she and hosea.