Last Friday, lunch time was rapidly approaching and I could see I was not going to be able to get away from my desk to take part in our weekly tradition of enjoying a nice long Friday lunch with some co-workers. I had not packed a lunch because I had planned on going out. I had to get something for lunch quickly to get back to the office and continue working. I kept drawing blanks on where to go, either it would take too long or it just didn't sound full filling. I then remember seeing the sign for a new pizza shop that was supposed to open soon a few blocks over on Baltimore St. I hopped in the car and headed that way in hopes that this place would not only be open, but be the food I needed to quench my hunger and get me back as soon as possible. The restaurant was open and it was quite an experience. First of all, its a pretty attractive little building with wood slats and that form not only interior and exterior walls but that also make up the bench that fronts the restaurant and the ceiling of the lobby. Its a quaint space with a decently sized dining room and an exposed kitchen with wood fire ovens. I could see that this isn't the place to get in and out of quickly, at least not today or at this time, so I placed a take away order. The Pizza Chorizo, home made crust with chorizo sausage, pesto, roasted peppers, and ricotta cheese. It was delightful. I am so happy that there finally is a dedicated pizza place in Kansas city now that offers authentic flavors and cooking styles. I love seeing things on the menu like prosciutto, arugula (it's a veg-i-table), fresh mozz, fresh basil and many, many more. I think there are restaurants in Kansas city that offer really great authentic style pizza as part of a larger menu, but it is nice to have a pizza joint doing it right.

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JFOSTER said...

great pizza, cool place to be on a nice day with the doors opened up.