Caprese Buffalo Burger

Last week we received one pound of organic buffalo meat in our CSA. We have had buffalo before but we used it in a meat sauce over some pasta and it was delicious; however, this time we decided to go for the buffalo burger. Seeing that we are now getting beautifully ripe black krim heirloom tomatoes off of our vine we decided to use big thick juicy slices on our burgers. Next we decided to use some fresh mozzarella we had for the cheese atop the buffalo. Since we had gone that far we then piled on a stack of fresh basil and drizzled some balsamic over the toasted bun and viola!! we now have caprese style buffalo burgers. They were fantastic.


Peach Cupcakes with Brown Sugar Frosting

I have to give a big THANK YOU to smittin kitchen for this killer recipe. I made these cupcakes last night with some peaches from our local CSA. I wasn't able reproduce the cool dots of icing but they tasted great nonetheless. Here are some photos.


Heirloom tomato update

It has finally arrived! Our first black krim tomato basically fell off of the vine into my hand yesterday. I think its a beauty, but I am probably bias seeing it's our first born. I have big plans for this little guy tonight. It will involve fresh mozzarella, basil and hopefully a glass of red wine.


heirloom tomatoes!

A quick update on our garden. After many many weeks of our tomato plants growing and growing without any fruit to speak of, they (well at least one of them) have exploded with fruit. We had about two weeks of blossom drop but after some quick googling and a sprinkle of an organic calcium based fertilizer the fruit has arrived. Unfortunately the Black Krim heirlooms are not ripe yet but they are looking beautiful and the vine is chalk full of them. So, I am sure in a week or two their will be a post right here showing the magnificently maroon fruit ripe and ready for enjoyment.


Grilled Rib Eye Steak

I love a grilled steak. This summer, I have especially fallen in love with grilling the rib eye. Besides the fact that it seems to go on special more often than any other cut, it just sings with flavor and melts in my mouth every time. On this particular evening I served the steak with simple potatoes that were halved and boiled in heavily salted water and then simply fried cut side down in a frying pan with butter and olive oil. Lastly we had sliced heirloom tomatoes with orange zest, sea salt, and sherry vinegar. I loved the tomatoes like this although I think Abs prefer the heirlooms caprese style. Anyway, I got the idea from Rocco Dispirito's book, Flavor, I recommend trying them if you are in the mood for a very light and fresh summer salad.